Fujocka’s Gift 2016

FUJOCKA'S GIFT 2016 Cliente: Fujocka Photodesign Ano: 2016 Creation of fictional beer labels, a year-end gift from Fujocka Creative Images. The concept is one beer representing the old year, Paraíwa (in Tupi-Guarani means river of difficult navigation), was something more full-bodied, bitter, both in beer and in colors. As for the new year, Tarumã (in… Read More


FUJOCKA PORTFOLIO #2 Client: Fujocka Photodesign Year: 2007 Concept and artwork for Fujocka Photodesign second portfolio to celebrate 7 years of work. The idea was to work with the CMYK standard, because the production is destined for printing and collages with print reticles. Conceito e design para o segundo portfólio da Fujocka Photodesign para a… Read More


FUJOCKA PORTFOLIO #1 Client: Fujocka Photodesign Year: 2004 Concept and artwork for Fujocka Photodesign first portfolio. The idea was to work with elements that symbolize digital and analog, as their creations, from a photo (analog) to generate a retouched image (digital). Conceito e design para o primeiro portfólio da Fujocka Photodesign. A idéia foi trabalhar… Read More


RETRIGGER Client: Rebola Year: 2016 Poster for a musician/performer Retrigger concert in Berlin. Cartaz para o show do músico/performer Retrigger em Berlin. Read More

Murro em ponta de faca

MURRO EM PONTA DE FACA Client: Murro em ponta de faca Year: 2013 Murro em ponta de faca is a magazine about art, culture and dance. I was invited to illustrate the "Epilogue" section of issue number 4, in which a visual piece is created from a quote from a famous author. Murro em ponta… Read More


SHED Client: Shed Year: 2013 Art for the vinyl record of Shed, a long-time São Paulo band, in one of their last releases. Arte para o disco em vinil do Shed, banda paulistana de longa data, em um dos seus últimos lançamentos. Read More


TO... Client: IED Year: 2010 Final project of the Publishing class within the Master of Design and Strategies of IED Barcelona in 2010. A travel guide, which would be 1 city per booklet, with alternative and illustrated tips of culture and interesting things to do. It was accompanied by a special packaging, produced for the… Read More


BARULHO.ORG Client: Barulho.org Year: 2013-2015 New identity and flyers for Barulho.org, a group of friends, artists, djs, vjs that promote free parties in the streets and bars of São Paulo. Nova identidade e flyers para o Barulho.org, grupo de amigos, artistas, djs, vjs que promovem festas gratuitas pelas ruas e bares de São Paulo. Read More


BAUDELAIRE Client: Baudelaire Year: 2015 Art of the first record of a post punk band from Osasco, called Baudelaire. Arte do primeiro disco da banda osasquense de pós punk Baudelaire. Read More

Jair Rodrigues

JAIR RODRIGUES Client: Trama Year: 2003 Artcover for Jair Rodrigues album titled "A nova bossa de Jair Rodrigues". Arte do disco do Jair Rodrigues de 2003 entitulado "A nova bossa de Jair Rodrigues". Read More