Cassiano Lima

Cassiano Lima Client: Cassiano Lima Year: 2014 Identity and business card for a friend, online marketing consultant based in Barcelona. Made in part in Processing, generating a web of social networks, each represented by their corresponding colors. Identidade e cartão de visitas para um amigo, consultor de marketing online de Barcelona. Feito em parte no… Read More

Tim na Estrada

TIM NA ESTRADA Client: LED Live Year: 2011 Identity created for the festival "TIM na estrada", a series of concerts that have traveled throughout Brazil. Identity used in all editions of the following years. Identidade criada para o festival "TIM na estrada", uma série de shows que percorreram o Brasil inteiro. Identidade utilizada em todas… Read More

Antimidia Records

Antimídia Records Client: Antimídia Records Year: 1999 Antimídia records was an independent record label of punk and hardcore of the 90's. I made the art of 2 compilations for them, in a period of 4 years, being the first one to "The gig tomorrow is too far" in 1999 and the "Dance to the Radio… Read More

Outs Pub & Tattoo

OUTS PUB & TATTOO Client: Outs Pub & Tattoo Year: 2016 Poster created for the inauguration of Outs pub & tattoo in São Paulo. Cartaz criado para a inauguração do Outs pub & tattoo em São Paulo. Read More