Caçhaça Mayarinha

CACHAÇA MAYARINHA Cliente: Boteco Pafunça Ano: 2017 Label for the artisanal cachaça (a typical brazilian alcohol) Mayarinha, produced for Boteco Pafunça, in São Paulo. Rótulo para a cachaça artesanal Mayarinha, produzida para o Boteco Pafunça, em São Paulo. Read More

Fujocka’s Gift 2016

FUJOCKA'S GIFT 2016 Cliente: Fujocka Photodesign Ano: 2016 Creation of fictional beer labels, a year-end gift from Fujocka Creative Images. The concept is one beer representing the old year, Paraíwa (in Tupi-Guarani means river of difficult navigation), was something more full-bodied, bitter, both in beer and in colors. As for the new year, Tarumã (in… Read More


TO... Client: IED Year: 2010 Final project of the Publishing class within the Master of Design and Strategies of IED Barcelona in 2010. A travel guide, which would be 1 city per booklet, with alternative and illustrated tips of culture and interesting things to do. It was accompanied by a special packaging, produced for the… Read More

Carvão Guará

CARVÃO GUARÁ Client: Carvão Guará Year: 2014 Coal packs of the brand Carvão Guará, using illustrations with graphite and charcoal. Embalagens para carvão da marca Carvão Guará, utilizando ilustrações com grafite e carvão. Read More