Fujocka’s Gift 2016

FUJOCKA'S GIFT 2016 Cliente: Fujocka Photodesign Ano: 2016 Creation of fictional beer labels, a year-end gift from Fujocka Creative Images. The concept is one beer representing the old year, Paraíwa (in Tupi-Guarani means river of difficult navigation), was something more full-bodied, bitter, both in beer and in colors. As for the new year, Tarumã (in… Read More


FUJOCKA PORTFOLIO #2 Client: Fujocka Photodesign Year: 2007 Concept and artwork for Fujocka Photodesign second portfolio to celebrate 7 years of work. The idea was to work with the CMYK standard, because the production is destined for printing and collages with print reticles. Conceito e design para o segundo portfólio da Fujocka Photodesign para a… Read More

Museo Natural project

MUSEO NATURAL PROJECT Client: IED Barcelona Year: 2010 Master's thesis done at IED Barcelona in 2010, together with Simon Huesler and Olivier Roche. The project was a natural museum located in Catalunya and we presented a proposal of interactive wayfinding. We have earned maximum score and the customer wanting to carry out the project, but… Read More

New Year’s Card 2014

NEW YEAR'S CARD 2014 Client: Personal Year: 2013 Every year I send New Year's cards to friends and clients. For the year 2014 I decided make something different. In addition to the card, I provided each illustration in poster format so they could print. Todo ano envio cartões de ano novo para amigos e clientes.… Read More


Caos Client: IED Year: 2010 Final project of the generative design course in the IED Master in 2010. Each student was given a word and the purpose was to create a graphic interpretation of the word using Processing. My word was "chaos". The inspiration came from the chaos of São Paulo. The process starts with… Read More

Small things can make a big difference

SMALL THINGS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Client: Pessoal Year: 2009 Winner of a competition held by the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in 2009, in which I won a scholarship to study for a master's degree in Design and Strategy in the same year. The theme of the contest was "How to make world… Read More

Espalhe Respeito

ESPALHE RESPEITO Cliente: Agência Sabiá Ano: 2012 Bidding for the São Paulo Metro for an awareness campaign. I made the first step, the creation of the concept. But the campaign itself was broadcast only a few years later, with some changes made by the agency itself. The translation for the campaign is "spread respect". Licitação… Read More

Contenedor Font

CONTENEDOR FONT Client: IED Year: 2009 Typography created for the experimental typography course during the master's degree at Barcelona's IED in 2009. The theme was "First impressions of Barcelona" and transform these first sensations of the city into an experimental type. My choice was the "containers" of garbage, which were in the process of being… Read More