Contenedor Font

CONTENEDOR FONT Client: IED Year: 2009 Typography created for the experimental typography course during the master's degree at Barcelona's IED in 2009. The theme was "First impressions of Barcelona" and transform these first sensations of the city into an experimental type. My choice was the "containers" of garbage, which were in the process of being… Read More

Whisky Festival

WHISKY FESTIVAL Client: LED Live Year: 2011 Competition for the identity for a Whiskey festival organized by Diageo Brasil. The idea was to break with the austere image of the act of drinking whiskey, to bring a more lively, festive and jovial language. Concorrência para a identidade para um festival de Whisky organizado pela Diageo… Read More


Bagaçera Client: Pessoal Year: 2007 Bagaçera is a personal t-shirt design project, which I started in 2000 but took shape only 7 years later. A series of prints in 2 years, sold to different places in Brazil, in fairs and small stores in São Paulo. Bagaçera é um projeto pessoal de camisetas, que começou em… Read More

Help Japan

Help Japan Client: Pessoal Year: 2011 Poster created as a personal project to raise funds for victims of the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. The initial idea was to join several designers and sell the posters and all the money raised be donated to victim support institutions. Cartaz criado para um projeto pessoal, com… Read More

Antimidia Records

Antimídia Records Client: Antimídia Records Year: 1999 Antimídia records was an independent record label of punk and hardcore of the 90's. I made the art of 2 compilations for them, in a period of 4 years, being the first one to "The gig tomorrow is too far" in 1999 and the "Dance to the Radio… Read More

Outs Pub & Tattoo

OUTS PUB & TATTOO Client: Outs Pub & Tattoo Year: 2016 Poster created for the inauguration of Outs pub & tattoo in São Paulo. Cartaz criado para a inauguração do Outs pub & tattoo em São Paulo. Read More