Echoes of the Encore – Weezer

ECHOES OF THE ENCORE - WEEZER Cliente:  Ano: 2024 Weezer was my favorite band from the '90s, and I always dreamed of seeing them live in Brazil. When they finally came, it was in Curitiba. A friend of mine was photographing the concert for a newspaper and offered me a place to stay. I took… Read More

Echoes of the Encore – Explosions in the sky

ECHOES OF THE ENCORE - EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY Cliente: Ano: 2024 Good concerts with cheap tickets are almost impossible to get. I couldn’t get tickets to either of Explosions in the Sky's concerts in São Paulo. I asked everyone I knew if they had an extra ticket, and luckily, a good friend sold me… Read More

Echoes of the Encore – Bad Religion

ECHOES OF THE ENCORE Cliente: Ano: 2024 I was very active at punk and hardcore concerts, loving to mosh and stage dive. This concert was no different. The security guards even started recognizing me because I kept falling into the gap between the audience and the stage. Near the end, I fell again and knew… Read More

Echoes of the Encore – Superchunk

ECHOES OF THE ENCORE - SUPERCHUNK Cliente: Ano: 2024 Superchunk came to Brazil many times, and I attended all their concerts. But the first one was special. Not only because it was my first time seeing them live, but also because I met so many friends there. It was surreal to see bands we never… Read More

Echoes of the Encore – Roxette

ECHOES OF THE ENCORE - ROXETTE Cliente: Ano: 2024 Back in 1995, my friends and I bought tickets to our first concert, Roxette. We arrived early in the morning to secure front row spots, surviving on junk food until the gates opened at night. We ended up right in front of the stage, and the… Read More


PITAYA Cliente: DJ Tahira Ano: 2019 Visual identity for a Brazilian music label by DJ Tahira. Identidade visual para um selo de música brasileira do DJ Tahira. Read More


VALE NADA Cliente: Personal Ano: 2019 Personal illustration about the disaster that occurred in 2019 in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, where the rupture of a Vale dam, which caused the release of several liters of mud and the death of several people. Ilustração pessoal sobre o desastre ocorrido em 2019 em Brumadinho, Minas Gerais,  onde o… Read More


HIRED GUN MEDIA Cliente: Hired Gun Media Ano: 2020 Visual identity for Hired Gun Media, a strategic media, relations and advertising consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Identidade visual para a Hired Gun Media, uma consultoria estratégica de mídia, relações e publicidade situada em Melbourne, Australia. Read More


YPUS Cliente: YPUS Ano: 2019 Characters for a finance app, where each one had a specific profile for different audiences. Unfortunately they did not follow through with the project. Personagens para um app de finanças, onde cada um tinha um perfil específico para diferentes públicos. Infelizmente não seguiram a diante com o projeto. Read More


SHOW US YOUR TYPE - NYC DUVEL EDITION Cliente: Show us your type Ano: 2019 Poster for the special edition of Show us your type in collaboration with the Duvel beer brand. Poster para a edição especial do Show us your type em colaboração com a marca de cerveja Duvel. Read More