Dra. Ana Lúcia Cavalcanti

DRA. ANA LÚCIA CAVALCANTI Client: Dra. Ana Lúcia Cavalcanti Year: 2009 Website of the sexologist Dr. Ana Lúcia Cavalcanti. Her specialty is female sexuality and study on the clitoris. Site da sexóloga Dra. Ana Lúcia Cavalcanti. Sua especialidade é sexualidade feminina e estudo sobre o clitóris. Read More


TO... Client: IED Year: 2010 Final project of the Publishing class within the Master of Design and Strategies of IED Barcelona in 2010. A travel guide, which would be 1 city per booklet, with alternative and illustrated tips of culture and interesting things to do. It was accompanied by a special packaging, produced for the… Read More


BARULHO.ORG Client: Barulho.org Year: 2013-2015 New identity and flyers for Barulho.org, a group of friends, artists, djs, vjs that promote free parties in the streets and bars of São Paulo. Nova identidade e flyers para o Barulho.org, grupo de amigos, artistas, djs, vjs que promovem festas gratuitas pelas ruas e bares de São Paulo. Read More


DETROIT Client: Detroit Year: 2007-2010 Artwork of the 3 records for the São Paulo band Detroit. Arte dos 3 discos da extinta banda paulistana Detroit. FORÇA MOTOR POMONA SHALLOW END Read More

Clube Outs

CLUBE OUTS Client: Clube Outs Year: 2004 - 2013 Identity and flyers for the Outs, a club in São Paulo. Identidade e flyers para o clube Outs em São Paulo. Read More


Shasta Client: Evelyn Kieliszek Year: 2013 Identity and business card for a consultant in coaching and market research. The initial briefing was something with shamanic relation, one of the strands worked by this coach. Identidade e cartão de visitas para uma consultora em coaching e pesquisa de mercado. O briefing inicial foi algo com relação… Read More


Afrikaburn Client: Saloon do Barulho Year: 2013 Identity for the fundraising campaign for Saloon do Barulho, group of artists, DJs and friends, to go to Afrikaburn, a version of Burning Man in South Africa. Identidade para a campanha de arrecadação de fundos para o Saloon do Barulho, grupo de artistas, djs e amigos, ir ao… Read More

Ozmose Festival

Ozmose Festival Client: Ozmose Festival Year: 2013 Identity and material for the first edition of the Ozmose Festival in Osasco, local independent bands festival. Identidade e material para a primeira edição do Ozmose Festival em Osasco,  festival de bandas independentes locais. Read More

Ser Hum

SER HUM Client: Humberto Furtado Year: 2015 Identity and concept for the project of the photographer Humberto Furtado, where he would travel the world photographing cities and people and at the same time making a mapping with geolocation resources and a closed social network for the spectator and the photographed, through postcards. Identidade e conceito… Read More

Espalhe Respeito

ESPALHE RESPEITO Cliente: Agência Sabiá Ano: 2012 Bidding for the São Paulo Metro for an awareness campaign. I made the first step, the creation of the concept. But the campaign itself was broadcast only a few years later, with some changes made by the agency itself. The translation for the campaign is "spread respect". Licitação… Read More