Show us your type

SHOW US YOUR TYPE Cliente: Show us your type Ano: 2010-2015 Contributions to the "Show us your type" project where they choose cities as theme for people to send contributions using poster typography. Contribuições para o projeto "Show us your type" onde escolhem cidades-tema para que pessoas enviem contribuições usando tipografia em fortado de… Read More

Show us your type – Berlin revisited

BERLIN REVISITED Client: Show us your type Year: 2016 Contribution to the project "Show us your type" ( where I was invited to "revisit" a poster made years ago. The result was an exhibition at Kulturspace Berlin in April 2016, where my work was one of the highlights chosen by one of the sponsors. Contribuição… Read More

Contenedor Font

CONTENEDOR FONT Client: IED Year: 2009 Typography created for the experimental typography course during the master's degree at Barcelona's IED in 2009. The theme was "First impressions of Barcelona" and transform these first sensations of the city into an experimental type. My choice was the "containers" of garbage, which were in the process of being… Read More